4 Best Zero Turn Mowers Evaluations


Best Budget Zero Turn Mower- Mustang by Troy-Bilt


  • Snug high-back seat with adequate legroom & dual-suspension springs.
  • Plenty of power, supplied by the 452cc in-house engine.
  • Ultimate maneuverability– operator-controlled mow-in-reverse function.
  • 4″ expansive cutting deck for maximum performance.

Whoever understands a thing or more about gardening tools knows about Troy-Bilt. This company has remained in the video game for more than 70 years. Its engineers undoubtedly understand how to make dependable, top-quality makers. Here we have among their best budget zero turn mowers– the Mustang.

For the price, this zero-turn mower is quite a strong maker. It provides good results and comes with features that turn it into a pretty good option for daily residential use. Many people who own the Mustang concur that it offers a surprising amount of power for such a small garden execution.


One of the first things to discover about this zero-turn mower is its durable construction. The Troy-Bilt Mustang gets geared up with a 13-gauge steel cutting deck, high rear wheels, and a reinforced sturdy frame.

The device offers its users toughness and reliability, even though it’s substantially smaller than lots of other zero-turn mowers on our list.

Compact yet Powerful Construction

For a zero-turn mower of this size, the Troy-Bilt Mustang is rather potent. At its heart is a 452cc internal motor whose optimal speed stands at 7 miles per hour. Those searching for designs with hydrostatic transmissions will be pleased to know that the Mustang features one– the maker has enough power to deal with large areas of rough lawn.

Once we combine the characteristics with the unit’s 2-gallon fuel tank, two sharp blades, sturdy axles, and the 34-inch cutting width, we get what’s easily the best zero-turn mower for those on a budget plan.

Best Zero Turn Mower Under $3000– Husqvarna Z142


  • Superior cut provided by the air induction trimming technology (AIMT).
  • Reinforced steel-fabricated deck for optimum durability.
  • The worry-free zero-turn transmission allows operation in numerous cutting conditions.
  • Max speed of 6.5 mph and dependable start-ups provided by the 17 hp Kohler engine.

We’ll be examining several Husqvarna-made zero-turn lawn mowers in this roundup, and this is the first one of them. As you can see from above, the primary selling point of this specific model is that you can purchase it for less than $3000, even though one of the market’s leading brand names has made it.


Compact and designed for domestic usage, this Husqvarna zero turn mower still leaves a consistent, smooth cut. It is likewise really maneuverable and user-friendly. However, that’s something we’ve anticipated from a zero-turn mower made by such a reliable brand name.

Another terrific thing about Husqvarna Z142 is its engine. Geared up with a Kohler 17hp 4-cycle engine, this zero-turn mower offers its user a hassle-free flight even under an intense load. In combination with remarkable fuel performance and genuinely lightweight design, this engine turns Z142 into the best zero-turn mower you can get for less than $3000.

Speed and Weight

As we currently stated, this Husqvarna zero turn mower is relatively lightweight (474 pounds) and features a 17 hp engine. However, that’s not completion of it. It’s one of a couple of lawn mowers of this type that reach the speed of up to 6.5 miles per hour.

Let’s compare the speed to the one offered by the Craftsman Z560 zero turn mower, which is the next model on our list. That unit gets equipped with a 24 hp v-twin engine and weighs more than 800 pounds. Although it’s considerably more potent than Husqvarna Z142, that zero turn mower can’t go much faster than 7 miles per hour.

That is why many homeowners consider Husqvarna’s popular Z142 an actual speed satanic force and one of the fastest zero turns in its classification. The clippings it leaves can get mulched or bagged, and it sports a 42-inch cutting width. Lastly, the mower deck is out of resilient 13-gauge steel.

Best value for the cash- Craftsman Z560


  • Briggs-Stratton 24 hp V-twin engine– one of the best zero-turns for more extensive lawns.
  • Well-cushioned, comfortable high back seat.
  • 60 ° turning radius & mow-in-reverse function.
  • 4- inch cutting width & four sturdy, long-lasting wheels.

While not as popular as Husqvarna, Craftsman is undoubtedly an established name. The brand has been around for nearly a century. It is a well-crafted, effective item with many fans worldwide, especially in the name’s home country– the United States.

This particular Craftsman zero turn mower we are about to examine here is resilient, robust, and reasonably budget-friendly for the capabilities and inclusions it delivers. We’ve decided to call this zero-turn mower the one that uses the best value for the cash- go for this design, and you’re bound to experience a high return on your investment.

Engine Efficiency

Like many other zero turns in the roundup, the Craftsman Z560 likewise comes equipped with a V-twin Briggs-Stratton engine. The existence of the so-called “ReadyStart” technology ensures Quick and easy ignition. The only thing the user needs to do is hitting a button. There’s no need for priming or choking here.

Indeed, the model’s V-twin 24 hp engine turns it into a suitable option for looking after more extensive lawns. The thing that makes it much more efficient is the Dual Range Hydrostatic Transmission. To put it, you’ll have no problem completing any grass-cutting job on your residential or commercial property.

Cutting Ability

The cutting deck of Craftsman Z560 has a unique deck-washing feature. As its name recommends, the job of the deck-washing part is to keep the device tidy and shiny at all times.

Another vital thing is that this is a 54-inch large cutting deck with a cutting height of 3.75 inches. A 3.5-gallon fuel tank supplies artisan Z560’s V-twin engine, and you can customize the system with a mulching kit.

Best Zero Turn Mower Under $4000- Husqvarna Z254


  • Maximum sturdiness supplied by the steel stamped cutting deck.
  • The 26 hp Kohler motor warranties effective operational speed & trusted start-ups.
  • Husqvarna’s proprietary air induction is trimming technology.
  • Automatically activating brake system.

Many property owners desire to get the best zero-degree turn mower for as little money as possible. If you don’t wish to spend more than $4000 but still desire a zero-turn mower whose performance matches that of the more expensive models, this Husqvarna device is undoubtedly among your best choices.

Speed and Weight

Among the best zero-turn lawn mowers on the marketplace, Husqvarna Z254 sports a potent 26 hp engine, a 52-inch mower deck, weighs 542 pounds. For a zero-turn mower this heavy, Z254 is quite fast, as it reaches the maximum speed of 6.5 miles per hour.

The design’s optimum cutting height stands at 4 inches, and, similar to in the case of other Husqvarna zero turn lawn mowers, the clippings it leaves can be mulched or bagged.

Construction Quality and Durability

Those trying to find a resilient zero-turn mower can hardly ever fail if they select a Husqvarna zero-turn mower. Similar to all other machines of this type made by this Swedish company, this one is also genuinely reliable.

Among the first things we noticed is the enhanced, beefy, steel-stamped cutting deck. As anticipated, this steel cutting deck develops in such a way as to deliver optimum dependability and resilience.

This zero-turn lawnmower comes equipped with an incorporated air induction system. It drags air in from both the bottom & the top of the system’s cutting deck and, in that method, provides a straight, consistent cut.