5 Best SEO Tools in 2021

Best SEO Tools
Best SEO Tools

SEO is the key to success for any online business and the best SEO tools are essential for SEO as well. Offline business holders should also consider it. Whether you are running an online store or writing blogs without proper Search engine optimization, no business can succeed. Online business SEO is essential for those doing business more in the physical world, but no business can grow in this digital era without a robust online presence. 

Are you seeking the best SEO tools but overwhelmed with the options? We have all gone through this phase. We have researched for countless hours, compared the dozens of SEO tools, and feeling even more lost than at the beginning of our research. Therefore, we decided to step up and help other business owners, bloggers or marketing agencies, or in-house marketers. After our long research, we have consolidated the top 5 SEO tools to plan your SEO strategy. 

5 Best SEO Tools: 

According to our study, the following are the 5 best SEO tools in 2021. We have included a scenario of how and where they could be beneficial to you, and we have done it for all the best SEO tools. We want to clarify that we did not rank them and arrange the devices in a particular order. The order of the list is unintentionally random.


SEMRush is an all-in-one suite that can help optimize your digital marketing workflow. SEMRush covers SEO, digital advertising, social media posts, content, research, and reporting.

To name some of their top from 6,000,000 users are eBay, Wix, Philips, Monash University, HP, Quora, and many more. They have over 20,000 partners and over 2 billion keywords. Quite impressive statistics to back their success. I am legally speaking that they are one of the most popular and sold tools in the industry.

Here are the things you can do with SEMRush to optimize your marketing: 

  • Audit your website: After logging into the SEMRush dashboard, go-to site audit (see picture below). Then enter your domain name and wait until SEMRush grabs the results for you. 

You will get a bunch of SEO settings from this page. You can set those and see the magic. 

  • Collect Benchmark Data – You can get the data for how your site performs and what you should focus on. Just type your site name into the search bar and select the option “Domain Overview” from the drop-down. 

The toll then gives you a complete insight from your site as Google sees it. You can see results from a wide range that are easy to track in movement – both good and bad. 

  • SEO Ideas – This is a very potent weapon for your arsenal. Here each page of your site gets analyzed, and you get actionable SEO advice instantly. The tool will provide you with an idea button. And by clicking on that button, SEMRush takes you to a page where it suggests keyword options and possible page improvements with backlink opportunities from identified websites. 
  • Identify Competitors in organic search: Using this tool, you will get a complete overview of who your organic competitors are, what the level of competition is, common keywords, competition traffic, visual representation. 
  • Look at Your Competitor’s Organic Search Performance: You do not need a spy if you are using SEMRush. The tool will provide you insights into your competitor’s organic search performance. The graphs it offers will allow you to see trends and watch when preparing a new campaign.
  • SEO Keyword Magic: SEMRush’s Keyword Magic tool gets developed to make your keyword analysis easier by giving you more exclusive results and provides you with more data that back them up. You will still get your usual data and CPC volume. 

These are some of the advantages that you will get from SEMRush. Covering all the options is not possible in such a short scope. If you are serious about your business, we highly recommend SEMRush. They have a 14-day trial plan. So, use it before taking our word for sure. 


This tool will provide you with all solutions related to SEO. For every need, they will help you to achieve success. Here is a shortened list of Moz Pro’s powerful features 

  • site audits
  • rank tracking audits
  • site crawls
  • backlink analysis
  • keyword research
  • and more.

After signing up, every plan comes with full access to MozBar. Track keywords on various search engines, SEO insights, one-on-one walkthrough. And They have 24-hour online support.

Some large companies use MozPro Otter, Razorfish, Top Spot, Virtue Zillow, and many more. SEO director of TopSpot was expecting a 7-10% traffic loss while they were transferring a domain, but they got +29% traffic after 90 days, and they thanked MorPro for this achievement. 

Let’s talk about how you can get the best from this tool. When you are assigned to fix a client’s common technical issues with SEO, try MOZ Pro. When using MOZ, Pro first create a site crawl and run an audit. It will find those SEO issues(technical) and also display the way to fix them.

Here is an example, MOZ Pro will look into broken redirects and missing tags in the title. Lastly, the tool will assist you by showing the issues in prioritizing order. The problems to confirm you tackle those who need immediate assistance from you.


Spyfu is a robust search analysis tool, and it offers a wide range of options. To name some of those 

  • SEO research
  • Unlimited Backlink Results
  • Paid Keywords
  • Organic Keywords
  • PPC research
  • keyword research
  • Organic Ranking History
  • SERP checker
  • and domain overviews.

 Of these various features, also one of the features loved by users is Spyfu Kombat. This option is easy to start, and understanding the concept is almost foolproof.  

 Spyfu was awarded the “editors’ choice” from the PC Mag. And the product was categorized as “Top 50 Products for Marketing 2020”.

After adding this Spyfu into your arsenal, you will be able to look for any domain and find out places the field shows up when people Google it. Spyfu’s website says by doing so, you will see every keyword bought on Adwords, you will see the organic rank, and with that, you will also see every ad variation of the last 14 years.” Besides, you will learn how to connect with these domains and find online and regular lead methods like social media, instant messages, email, phone numbers, and addresses.

Now let’s discuss how you will get the best from Spyfu. Spyfu Kombat feature is convenient if you are doing keyword research. Let us show you an example. Imagine you have a client who plans to find out the keywords their competitors rank for that. Let your client want to generate keyword ideas for new content. The client has a PPC campaign running and is searching for a room for improvement in the campaign. 

If you are utilizing Spyfu Kombat, what you need is simple: input your client’s domain. After that, compare the domain against their domain of their competitors. After doing this, you will find out the keywords your client is not getting the desired ranking, and their competitors are getting higher-order in organic and paid both searches. After getting this information, you can tell your client to develop new content and target keywords that show better performance.

 If we talk about the PPC campaign that your client is looking for optimizations, this tool can help you find out wasteful keywords and consider dropping and updating them with new ones. That will show better performance than the previous keywords. As a result, you’ll see yourself as the best digital marketer or digital spy in the industry.


Ahrefs describes themselves as an “all-in-one SEO toolset.” Using this toolset, users can optimize their website, analyze their competitors, study their customers’ searches, research and explore their industry’s top-performing content, and track their ranking progress. We want to mention some more essential features of Ahrefs, and that is they offer free learning materials. Anyone can access those materials without spending the trial money. After deciding, you can get a 7-days trial. Here are some feature that Ahref cover exclusively 

  • Search engine (i.e., Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo) based result. 
  • See Clicks data 
  • Analyze internal backlinks 
  • SERP history 
  • Total search traffic estimation 
  • Backlink growth or decline in time 
  • Keywords click distribution
  • find out content gaps 
  • Outbound links monitoring 
  • Ranking history 
  • Get link prospects with content explorer. 
  • Subfolders by traffic 

Let’s consider you got an order to work for your company’s new blog. And you have no clue about their product. Therefore, you do not know what to write about that will perform. If you use content explorer from Ahref, you will discover the best content from the industry. The tool will pull out competitive content research, which will help you find out the content your client’s blog should be about and outperform contents from your competitors’.

After logging in to Aherf’s website, you need to type your overall or general idea on the tool’s search bar. And the device will show you one list of pages, including contents around your general idea. The tool will also help you to find topics with low competition and provide link-building prospects.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is a great resource and helps build a strong keyword list that can substantially give your PPC campaign a good start. There is no doubt that the Google Ads suite is the leading PPC tool and leads SEO. 

Using the Google Ads Keyword Tool, anyone can search for keywords and analyze how a single list of keywords might perform. The toll even combines keyword lists to create new ones.”

There are four options to select from for you when using this tool. You could search for new keywords easily by typing a phrase, website, or just the category, and that would generate new ideas. You could also combine two different lists that you input that would create new combinations of the keyword. Besides, it displays the historical trend with search volume data of keywords. Adword tool provides you with a forecast of click and cost performance by giving you the performance projections on behalf of your keywords’ lists based on bids average and your budget.

You will find this tool beneficial when setting up a new PPC campaign in Google Ads for a client of yours that has never run one in the past. As we mentioned earlier, when you start your keyword inspiration, insert your client’s site address into the tool. And it will bring a keyword list. From the results, you will be able to filter. You will organize your keywords, setting up different parameters, like average searches, competition, etc. You also can add a term that could be a potential keyword if you think. And Adword will also provide you with stats for the name, just input.

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that you can access by creating a Google Ads account and doing the free research. 

Final Thoughts  

According to the search engine journals, the number of SEO tools is over 100 in 2020. Therefore it is very tough to list the top 5, but we tried to bring those companies which have their popularity in the market and provide excellent customer support.  

Picking a tool depends on your SEO needs and marketing strategy.

 If you aren’t an SEO specialist yourself, then just a tool will not help you. In that case, hiring an SEO expert team is better than purchasing a plan from the world’s best SEO tool. WebTech provides SEO support at an affordable cost. Their highly skilled SEO team will take care of your whole digital marketing and bring the best SEO tactics that suit your business.

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